The firearms range was constructed over a period of 5 years.
Many people contributed their time and effort for its construction. This facility is for ALL to use FREE of charge.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped with the Range project. My apologies to anyone that may have been overlooked. Your efforts were and are still greatly appreciated.
Dan Grassi and the entire golf course crew.
Steve Wandahsega
Cory Lafave
Anthony Williams
“Peto” Halfaday
Al Carpenter
Jeff Hapner
Mark Larson
Mark Lanaville
Shawn ‘Cheebs” Shawano R.I.P.

Hannahville Housing crew and Al Besola

HPD personnel

Special Thanks to Hannahville Construction,
Darrel Wandahsega, Richard Meshigaud, Willie Sjoholm and John Meshigaud.
For Information on using the Firearms Range, contact the
Hannahville Tribal Police Department at (906) 466-2911.

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  1. Lt. Poupore
    Lt. Poupore
  2. Barricade Qualifying
    Barricade Qualifying
  3. Chief Halfaday
    Chief Halfaday
  4. Shooting from the hip
    Shooting from the hip
  5. Barricade Shooting
    Barricade Shooting
  6. Officer LaPalm
    Officer LaPalm
  7. Barricades with Pistol
    Barricades with Pistol
  8. Officer LaPalm
    Officer LaPalm
  9. D/Sgt. Hansen
    D/Sgt. Hansen
  10. Turning Targets
    Turning Targets
  11. Pavilion
  12. Pavilion
  13. Firearms Range
    Firearms Range
  14. Pavilion
  15. Pavilion
  16. Pavilion and Benches
    Pavilion and Benches