What is the Citation for Bravery

The Citation for Bravery shall be awarded when an enforcement member knowingly performs an act in the line of duty which endangers himself or herself to serious injury, and when because of the nature of the action a life may be saved, a serious crime prevented, or a person arrested who has committed a serious crime.

The Following Have Been Awarded This Citation

On September 18, 2011, Officer LaPalm, Officer Pellegrini, and Officer Bergstrom were involved in a high speed chase involving an intoxicated female. The female lost control and crashed head-on into a semi-tanker truck, causing both vehicles to burst into flames. Officers gained access to the burning vehicle to pull the female from the car, endangering their lives while the vehicle was exploding. The officers put their lives in serious danger to help save a life. The female ultimately survived the accident. These officers each received a Citation for Bravery for their actions in this case.